But the ‘American Carnage’ isn’t going away

Today is the last day. Of the most destructive man ever to be President* of the United States.

Of the 43 men to hold the office prior to the one leaving tomorrow, we have had great, good, mediocre, middling, do-nothing, forgotten, bad and terrible presidents. But none except Andrew Johnson, were as destructive to this country as the current occupant*.

The person leaving the White House tomorrow morning (in violation of the rules of transition), skipping the inaugural for the first time in modern history so he doesn’t leave as an ex-president, has done more to destroy this country on so many levels and lied so many times (The Washington Post gave up at around 25,000), yet 74 million people voted for the Orange Menace and it took 81 million to vote him out. …

Nine days.

We rid the stain of a truly odious, terrible, evil person. But not the stench. Nor the damage done, both domestically and throughout the rest of the world.

The carnage, which started on that bleak Friday four years ago, will take years to access and repair. The respectability and leadership that was granted to us in 1945, 86 years ago, has been diminished to a point where four years of a Biden/Harris administration can attempt to try to bring back, one can hope. But like so many things, hope doesn’t always mesh with reality.

Nine days.

Until we get a man who won’t have us waking up to a radioactive tweet or a sycophant’s inane defense of something the odious dotard did or said between his middle-of-the-night tinkle. …

A Series of random observations from me and others in a day like no other in over 200 years.

Bret Stephens, New York Times

“Donald Trump is America’s willful arsonist, the man who lit the match under the fabric of our constitutional republic. To allow Trump to serve out his term, however brief it may be, puts the nation’s safety at risk, leaves our reputation as a democracy in tatters and evades the inescapable truth that the assault on Congress was an act of violent sedition aided and abetted by a lawless, immoral and terrifying president.”

Charles P. Pierce, Esquire Politics

“He is responsible for all of it. He is responsible for the assault on the Capitol and for the incredibly lax response from the Capitol Police. He created an atmosphere in which the worst impulses in the worst cops all over the country are inflamed and encouraged until the Capitol Police refused to defend…the Capitol. He has to go. Now. …


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That’s the word I keep coming back to.

The only word to adequately describe 2020.

It might be the word to describe the past 20 years. Or at least the last four.

I picked ‘bewildered’ because angry, disillusioned and isolated (forced and otherwise), were too obvious and oblique at the same time.

To make it clear: Bewildered is not the same as confused. Although related, to a point, they are not synonymous. I was never confused about the decisions made, both on personal, interpersonal, professional and political levels.

Bewildered is the only word to describe how people reacted to this. Horror, Denial, Suspicion, Blame and Fear. Much like the Five Stages of Grief, but not. I’m reminded of the exchange between Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith in Men in Black…

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Chuck Knox.

Every time the Detroit Lions need a new coach, I think back to Chuck Knox, who was a head coach for three NFL teams, most notably the Los Angeles Rams (twice) and the Seattle Seahawks.

The Detroit Lions fired Matt Patricia Saturday, ending an almost three-year tenure with a 13–29–1 record. They also fired GM Bob Quinn. But every time they have fired a head coach since Monte Clark, one of the most miserable people I’ve ever encountered in my life, I’ve thought about Knox.

When the history of the National Football League is written, the Detroit Lions will most certainly be derided as the most pitiful. With a loyal fan base and a family’s ownership that should have sold the team and walked away clean, but held onto it until it was too late, the Lions always find ways to break their misguided, hapless supporters’ hearts every time. …

Dear Mr. President-elect,

My name is Kent Anderson and I am a 62-year-old white male. I live in Sterling Heights, Michigan. I voted for you and Ms. Harris because I was tired of waking up every morning and thinking ‘has he started World War III yet?’

I understand the precedent of ‘looking forward and not back,’ but by doing that, we fail to reconcile the sins of the past. …

10. From the “it almost happened Department” — In 2006, Drew Brees was three hours away from signing a deal with the Detroit Lions. Then, his agent called and told him, “New Orleans just made an offer.” He’s still with the Saints. Won a Super Bowl. The Lions are still the last original pre-1960 franchise to never make the Super Bowl.

9. ESPN is still the 900-pound gorilla in the room, but laying off hundreds last week is a wake up call. Sinclair’s devaluation of Fox Sports Regional networks is an alarm.

8. Jamie Vardy scores goals in his sleep.

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7. The New York Jets. …


Kent Anderson

Purveyor of Truth and Facts. Boarding school survivor. World traveler. Lifelong Detroiter. Loves good TV, movies, sports and friends and family. Mostly.

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