The Detroit Tigers stink. To high Hell and back. Since starting the season 6–6, the Orange and Blue have lost 16 of their last 18 games, gone 23 innings without scoring and been shut out six times. Sunday, against the Yankees, José Ureña pitched a three-hitter and still lost, 2–0, because the Tigers only managed two hits off Yankees’ pitching.

During this horrid stretch, the team has scored fewer than three runs in all but three of their losses. You can’t win baseball games in 2020 like it’s 1968.

1968, that glorious year (at least for baseball) when pitchers like…

It’s April 30 and it feels more like January 30.

Yesterday, the Red Wings and Pistons both lost. The Tigers lost twice and the Lions drafted an offensive lineman. At this rate, I’ll be dead before any of my hometown teams wins another championship.

Being ‘under the influence’ used to mean you were either an alcoholic or drug abuser. Now, it means that you follow some snob on Instagram or podcast who tells you “I’m rich and you’re not.” More proof that we’re still in 8th grade.

Rachel Hollis/Facebook

It’s been a weird week for late-night TV hosts named Jimmy. And not…

Love the headline. The other obvious aspect of this is that Liverpool might not qualify for either the Champions League or Europa competition for next season. As someone pointed out, 20 years ago, City was bouncing between the Premier League and Championship. It was playing in a small stadium and was only stabilized after the stadia that was built for the 2002 Commonwealth Games was leased to them. Leicester City was left out as well. Even though the Foxes won the title in 2015-16 and currently sit third in the Table.

Kroenke, the Glazers and FSE are going to be forced to sell. Liverpool supporters are canceling season tickets and demanding refunds for this season because they were told if they didn't, they would lose their seats. Sounds like the NHL lockout from a few years back.

It's still the 'pretty people' vs. the rest of us. But, take the 'r' out of 'pretty' and the field shrinks, doesn't it? These people are petty, insecure, narcissistic, out-for-themselves, Fck-everyone-else (and your little dog too!), I'm special and you're not clique that we thought we left behind in high school (or junior high). But they're still out there, the Real Housewives, the 60-something iconoclast still living off other people's money and playing Dylan-inspired crap, Oprah and her progeny (Phil, Rachel, Gayle, Dr. Oz) who make billions while offering cookie-cutter, Virginia Graham advice that's been regurgitated for 60 years on TV. Even washed up porn performers are getting into the act. It's all designed to keep the status quo. That's all.

Yesterday, a friend came by to help me get to the bank. Before then, we went and got carry out for lunch. The topic of Ms. Hollis came up and my friend, whom I've known for over 45 years, said to me, she just can't help herself. My friend and I are both 'men of a certain age,' and been around the block a few times, had a good laugh about it. Then he got serious and said, everything she purports to be, she isn't. I believe there's a word for that - hypocrite.

Great band. Loved their music and message. Maurice White, Phillip Bailey and that fucking horn section. Last concert at Olympia Stadium. The Commodores and the Fifth Dimension can make that claim as well.

I really find this funny as hell. Who in the heck does she think she is? Also, I think you're a fantastic writer and observer. Glad to know you did the ratatouille with your daughter and looks like she's growing up. Better than having some 'influencer' (who 'influences' no one) get under your skin.

We are so cut off from everyone, yet connected to everything at the moment. You should have left him before he woke up. I left my abusive ex before she (or her family) could do anything to me.

A year ago, I was supposed to be setting up a trip to Slovenia for two-and-a-half weeks for Paralympic Table Tennis Trials and the Open event the following week. My first monies were due the 16th (a Monday). After March 11, everything was suspended until June and then canceled when the IOC postponed the Olympics until this July.

That’s really what life has become. A plethora of maybe’s. And a million ‘who knows?’ Maybe is a word you tell your kids when they bugged you to go to Disney World, not “When will my school open, mom?” “Maybe next…

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