Ric Anderson, 1935–2021.

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My dad, in the vital years.

Gandhi was celibate, from 1906, but he also slept with naked young woman following his wife's death. He may or may not have been bisexual, but he was a very complex person. Nice insight.

Twenty-plus years ago, I moved 700 miles to live with a woman who I thought loved me, brought a house with her and her then five-year-old daughter, (not because we were rich, but because she didn't make enough on her own, but with my guaranteed income from Social Security/SSI, 'we' qualified) got a low-income mortgage, brought a deeply discounted house for $55,000 and then, after almost bouncing her portion of the mortgage check, asked me to leave. Even after converting the house into a semi-disabled-friendly environment, with $10,000 local grant money, I found out, after I left that she had a boyfriend and then, unbeknownst to me, he had started moving in while I was gone to visit my family for a week. I ended up living in a Motel 6 on and off for nearly a year afterwards. I haven't spoken to her since 1999.

The most money I 'made' in a month was $15, back in August of 2019, after I wrote a piece on the Roger Ailes biopic. I have a friend, a comedian (or so he purports) who recently dumped Medium for Substack, where Heather Cox Richardson is Queen. I get his full column in an email format. Which makes it easy for me to read and respond to on his Facebook page. I migrated from Wordpress over to here in 2017. For me, it's not about the money, it's about something I have done since I was nine.

But the ‘American Carnage’ isn’t going away

Today is the last day. Of the most destructive man ever to be President* of the United States.

Of the 43 men to hold the office prior to the one leaving tomorrow, we have had great, good, mediocre, middling, do-nothing, forgotten, bad and terrible presidents. But none except Andrew Johnson, were as destructive to this country as the current occupant*.

The person leaving the White House tomorrow morning (in violation of the rules of transition), skipping the inaugural for the first time in modern history so he doesn’t leave as an ex-president, has…

Nine days.

We rid the stain of a truly odious, terrible, evil person. But not the stench. Nor the damage done, both domestically and throughout the rest of the world.

The carnage, which started on that bleak Friday four years ago, will take years to access and repair. The respectability and leadership that was granted to us in 1945, 76 years ago, has been diminished to a point where four years of a Biden/Harris administration can attempt to try to bring back, one can hope. But like so many things, hope doesn’t always mesh with reality.

Nine days.

Until we…

Kent Anderson

Purveyor of Truth and Facts. Boarding school survivor. World traveler. Lifelong Detroiter. Loves good TV, movies, sports and friends and family. Mostly.

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