Cassidy Hutchinson’s Courage

Kent Anderson
6 min readSep 27, 2023

The last time we saw Cassidy Hutchinson, she was testifying before Congress about her interactions in and around the White House before, during and after 1/6/2021. Fifteen months ago. Then, she disappeared.

With good reason. She was broke, literally, hadn’t paid her rent in months, no wifi or cable TV, as well as broken down by relentless attacks on her by the former guy* and death threats from his supporters. She drew the shades and, at 25, wondered if her life was over.

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This is the result of her exile:

Cassidy Hutchinson is now 27 years old. In the span of roughly five years, after graduating from a small, liberal arts college in Virginia, she has forged a life for herself that has thrust her into a life of service to her country and the maelstrom of history. None of which was expected.

It is said that life happens when we’re making other plans. I’m sure, back when she was attending Christopher Newport University, as she graduated in 2018, that by now, at 27, she’d be working in a government agency or maybe in state politics, an aide or policy wonk.

It is also said that history is replete with turning points. Hutchinson, I’m sure, never thought, in 2018, she’d be courtside for the most chaotic presidency in history. But, through a series of circumstances that even the most politically ambitious could fathom, she was a witness to some of the darkest days in the West Wing since 1974.

Hummm, 1974. More on that in a few paragraphs.

On June 28, 2022, Hutchinson gave testimony to the House Select Committee on the January 6th Attack public hearing. In a riveting, calm voice, she gave the committee and America a first-hand, I-was-there, account of the calamity of the events leading up to 1/6, the day of, and the aftermath.

In a remarkable sequence of events which landed her in the West Wing, she went from interning for Ted “Cancun” Cruz and representative Steve Scalise while in college and then being hired in March 2020 by the former guy’s* last Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows to be his ‘assistant.’ A chief-of-staff to the CoS.



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