Kent Anderson
2 min readAug 25
Fulton County Sheriff’s Office

“We now have the first mug shot of a former President of the United States. It will become the most famous mug shot in the history of photography. It will go into the history books as the only mug shot of an American president forever. American high school students will be looking at that mug shot in their history books for hundreds of years. That mug shot will soon be everywhere. It will be on tee-shirts, coffee mugs, napkins, toilet paper, this Christmas people will receive and exchange gifts with that mug shot on them. Artists will create their own Andy Warhol-rendition of that mug shot. We are still publishing and reading biographies of Abraham Lincoln 158 years after he was assassinated. We will still be publishing and reading biographies of Donald Trump 158 years from now, 300 years from now. And each of those books will contain that mug shot. That mug shot will be seen by more people than any other mug shot in history.

Hundreds of years from now, students will look at that mug shot and wonder what they see. What they should see is fear, Donald Trump’s fear of what could happen when no one is above the law. What they should see is stupidity. The stupidity that made Donald Trump a criminal defendant. What they should also see is hatred, the hatred of a man towards contempt of the system that made him a criminal defendant.”

Lawrence O’Donnell, 8/24/2023.

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