Substack Has A Nazi Problem

Kent Anderson
7 min readNov 29, 2023

(Editor’s note: My friend Tom Cleaver, World War II historian, aviation expert and historian, Vietnam Veteran and all-around good guy, sounds an ominous warning about Nazi, Neo-Nazi, White Supremist and White Nationalist Substack posts and groups. He has given me permission to re-post his post. Please consider subscribing to his site.)

Thats Another Fine Mess

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The following is in today’s Atlantic magazine online. After I finished writing it, I sent an email to Substack Inc., suggesting that while they also make quite a bit of money off the paid subscribers of several anti-vax Substack sites, that making money off actual Nazis should be considered a step too far.

If you agree, I hope you will make your knowledge of this situation and your concerns about it known to the writers of all the other Substacks you subscribe to.

As the article notes, Substack already has Terms of Service that — if they ever enforced those terms — would prevent this situation ever happening. Since Substack has that announced policy, they are well within their rights to cancel the sites and ban all the dedicated Nazi subscribers from the site, since they already say such people are not welcome.



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