So yesterday, I checked into The Overlook. It was a short visit, just to make sure that Chuck Todd was still the caretaker. He was, so I watched from afar, kinda like I’ll watch the solar eclipse today.

Most of the usual windbags were there, including Peggums. La Noonan, when she wasn’t waxing poetic about Reagan, actually made some sense when talking about 45. Couldn’t find any liquor in your mini-fridge, Pegs?

“ I think the problem for him is that he did not lose his moral authority because he did not have moral authority, and you cannot lose what you do not have. The whole tale of the first seven months of his presidency was, “I know I’m unusual, I know I’m different, I know I have things that have been offensive to people in my past. However, I’m going to grow into this figure who is the serious, moral, serious guy.”

Maybe there was some Jamison’s in her coffee. Then it was Eugene Robinson, of the Washington Post, with the comment of the day:

“(T)o have moral authority, you have to have a moral compass, you have to have a moral center. And I’ve seen no evidence that Donald Trump has that. He flits from issue to issue, from position to position in what he probably sees as a pragmatic way. It’s not pragmatic, it’s disastrously amoral.

It was Maya Angelou who said, you know, when somebody shows you who they are, why don’t you believe them? And so why don’t we believe that, in fact, there’s some ugliness inside Donald Trump? Why don’t we believe that? He’s shown it to us time and time again, and he showed it to us this week.”

Of course he did. This is a president* unlike any other. People keep missing the point. Donald Trump is unfit to be anything, let alone President. But, this country isn’t mature enough to admit it was wrong. The election was the ‘ABC’ election. “Anybody But Clinton.” Lucifer himself could have run against her and won.

Amoral? “But her emails!!!”

Unfit? “Benghazi! Benghazi!! BENGHAZI!!!”

Narcissist? “Lock her up! Lock her up!!!”

Collusion with Russia: “Whitewater, Bill!!!”

I could go on. But I won’t. Because we can’t have a do-over or declare this presidency null and void. Nor can we erase 400 years of slavery, Jim Crow, voter suppression, inequality and injustice. Hell, we can’t even talk about it without proclaiming “I’m not a racist, but…”, and right there is where the conversation stops.

When you have David Duke, the one-time Imperial Wizard of the KKK, praising the president* after his press conference last Tuesday and reminding him, it was “white America,” that voted him into office, that should tell you something.

There were three states that went blue-to-red last November. I live in one of those states and lived, briefly, in another one. Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, the three states that gave Trump the White House. Those voters who voted for him are now “embarrassed” by his conduct by an almost 3–1 margin. But, if they voted again tomorrow, under the same circumstances as nine months ago, I can, with certainty, say they would vote for him again. Because they “identify” with him. It is a tribal mentality that isn’t going away anytime soon.

Identity politics is how Nixon, Reagan and both Bush’s got elected. It is, to an extent, how Obama got elected as well. Those white nationalists aren’t going away, neither is the KKK, three-percenters or any other group that can’t accept progress, that see their European ‘heritage’ being subjugated by “globalists,” “the Illuminati,” the Queen, Bilderbergs, Rothchild’s and others who control the world. They believe in chem trails, 9/11 was an inside job, Sandy Hook was staged. They have full faith in Alex Jones, a full-fledged wack-job conspiracy nut (who, earlier this year, during his divorce proceedings, claimed he was a “performance artist.” If Alex Jones is a performance artist, then I am the Czar of all the Russians), who’s idiocy is surpassed only by his ego.

Egotists are drawn to each other. That’s why Jones was an enthusiastic supporter of Trump to begin with. They are kindred spirits. After all, it was Trump who propagated the “birther” nonsense. There were, and are, people who believe that, to this day.

This will not end well, for anyone. Trump will not be impeached. He might resign, but his ego won’t let him. He will continue the “destruction of the administrative state,” even though Steve Bannon is gone. He is “running away from the Republican Party” as someone put it yesterday, which shouldn’t be surprising because he’s not a republican. He still can’t get over the fact that he lost the popular vote and has attacked his own attorney general for his recusal from the Russia investigation.

He will continue to tweet at 3 am. He might start or provoke a nuclear conflict with North Korea or drop a nuke on Afghanistan. Who knows? He is so unhinged at the moment who knows what will happen? And that scares me more than Christopher Cantwell or David Duke. “The greatest danger to this country is Donald Trump,” the Washington Post.

That about sums it up.

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