The Threat Is Still With Us

Somewhere, old Vince is spinning. Or laughing his full head off.

Yes, the legendary coach of the (Facenda imitation) Green Bay Packers and Washington Whatchamacallsit’s* was mentioned Tuesday evening on MSNBC’s The Beat With Ari Melber. Or, rather his most famous play.

The Green Bay Sweep.

The most famous play in the history of American football and the Packers. Run by Paul Horning and Jim Taylor every time the Pack faced a second-and-six or a third-and short. Jerry Kramer used to taunt opposing defenses, “here it comes.”



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Kent Anderson

Purveyor of Truth and Facts. Boarding school survivor. World traveler. Lifelong Detroiter. Loves good TV, movies, sports and friends and family. Mostly.